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The Center for Mucosal & Microbiome Biology (CMMB)

From basic science to clinical trials: spearheading research and educational initiatives focused on the role of the microbiome and the associated metabolites in health and diseases.

Our Mission

The Center for Mucosal & Microbiome Biology (CMMB) sits on the cutting edge of microbiome research and education at UT Health San Antonio, serving as an intellectual nexus for basic and translational immunology.


The Center for Mucosal & Microbiome Biology is hosting its Second Annual Symposium on Host-Microbiome Interactions, on November 2, 2023 at the Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute Auditorium.


Researchers and healthcare professionals alike will gather for a day-long program packed with talks featuring the latest discoveries in the field of microbiome research and touch on exciting topics, such as the oral-gut-brain axis. The Symposium will host speakers from nationally recognized institutions and companies, such as The University of Chicago and Thorne HealthTech, to present their cutting-edge research to the San Antonino Basic Science community.