Official Kickoff Meeting for The Center for Mucosal & Microbiome Biology

Dean Hromas welcomes the attendees both in-person and virtually.

The Center for Mucosal & Microbiome Biology kicked off its inaugural meeting February 17, 2022.

Guest speakers included Dr. Robert A. Hromas, Dean, Long School of Medicine, Dr. Manzoor Bhat, Vice Dean for Research (Interim), Dr. Patrick Sung, Associate Dean for Research and the Robert A Welch Distinguished Chair in Chemistry, and the newly appointed Director of The Center for Mucosal & Microbiome Biology Dr. Mansour M. Zadeh.

Dr. Sung expresses his enthusiasm in the potential this new center will bring for UT Health San Antonio

Each speaker shared their insights on how the newest addition to UT Health San Antonio’s esteemed family of research centers and institutes would benefit our research endeavors and the institution overall.

This newly established center will usher in a brand new era of research at UTHealth San Antonio by illuminating the role of the microbiome and the associated metabolites in human health and diseases.

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