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The mission of the Center for Mucosal and Microbiome Biology (CMMB) is to support the advancement of mucosal and microbiome research and education at UTHSA, with the ultimate goal of translating discoveries in this field into innovative diagnostics and therapeutics that improve human health. The center aims to bolster collaboration between investigators, creating research infrastructure support, enhancing trainee development, and assisting in the recruitment of new faculty with an outstanding track record of research in the fields of mucosal and microbiome biology. From basic science to clinical trials, research at the Center for Mucosal & Microbiome Biology will focus on the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the interface between the mucosa and the host microbiome, with the primary goal of identifying unique therapeutic platforms and bio-marker signatures to reduce morbidity and mortality from metabolic, infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Mucosae have complex biological responses to harmful stimuli that are regulated in part by the microbiome and the associated metabolites; therefore, an interdisciplinary collaborative effort is critical to fully understand its molecular pathogenesis. Obtaining critical insights into molecular regulatory mechanisms of the mucosal-microbiome interface will lead to the development of novel anti-inflammatory strategies and accelerate the successful establishment of cutting-edge therapeutic approaches for future clinical trials.


Mansour Zadeh 1

Mansour M. Zadeh
Distinguished Professor, Division of Gastroenterology,
Department of Medicine, Long School of Medicine

Advisory Committee


Laurence M. Morel, PhD
Department of Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics
Long School of Medicine


Georgios A. Kotsakis, DDS, MS
Associate Professor & Director, ITI Implantology Scholarship Center
Department of Periodontics
School of Dentistry


Naomi Sayre, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Neurosurgery
Long School of Medicine


James F. Nelson, PhD
Professor, Director of the Biology of Aging Discipline
Department ofCellular and Integrative Physiology
Long School of Medicine
Barshop Institute


Susan T. Weintraub, PhD
Professor, Director of Mass Spectrometry Core Lab
Department of Biochemistry & Structural Biology
Long School of Medicine

“We are stronger together… My hope for this center is that it actually enhances PO1s, UO1s, and multi-PI RO1s. This center will be the template by which you will create your collaborations to put together these program projects.”

-Robert Hromas, MD, FACP
Dean and Professor, Long School of Medicine